If you’re looking to hire a Portland painting company to give your home a makeover, it helps to know the qualities that make a great painting company. The market is filled with fly-by-night contractors who promise the world but deliver slowly, poorly, or not at all. The companies with the best painting Portland offers have built their reputation over the years and are ready to deliver quality work that will last for years.

When you do the research before hiring a Portland painting company, you’re not just getting a contractor – you’re building a relationship with an experienced painter who you can come to for future work and take the guesswork out of the painting process. We’re ProFleet General Contractor, an all-purpose painting and repair company with years of experience taking on new clients in the Portland area. Read on to find out the qualities that make us the best company for painting Portland offers – and how we fit every one.

5 Undeniable Reasons We Offer the Best Painting Portland Offers

Satisfied Customers

When considering a painting company, look online for their reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Reviews – you want to see a history of reviews showing both a business track record and happy customers. You should also ask the company for references of past customers, and any reputable company will be happy to show off their successes. A talk with former customers can give you a picture of the company’s biggest strengths.

Consistent Professionalism

We’ve all heard the horror stories of shady contractors who come and go, falling behind schedule on major projects. That’s a thing of the past when you work with us, as we believe completing work on time reflects our commitment to the business. Our professionalism goes beyond that, extending to how we conduct ourselves in your home and how we prepare for and clean up after a day’s work.

Diversity of Services

You never know what painting needs you’ll have at your home, so finding an all-purpose painting company makes the hiring process easier. We don’t just offer exterior or interior home painting – we’re open to working on custom paint jobs and servicing every client’s different general contracting needs.

Proper Coverage and Training

Don’t just trust us when we tell you we’re experienced and certified – we’re happy to show you our certifications for safety and training. We have the liability insurance necessary for you to trust us with your house, and any employees we bring to your house are covered under the same or private policies. An uninsured or underinsured painter can leave you on the hook for damage, but that’s not a worry you’ll face with us.

Honest and Upfront Details

A consistent worry when dealing with a contractor is unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay the bill – especially if the contractor is being paid by the hour and the project has gone off schedule. At ProFleet General Contractor, we believe in transparency and you’ll get a detailed estimate of time and cost before you sign the contract. Before a major job begins, all parties will be on the same page and ready to begin a fruitful partnership.

ProFleet General Contractor – The Makeover Your Home Needs

If your home needs a paint job inside or out, a general contractor can deliver a makeover that will make your house look better than new. ProFleet General Contractor is taking on new clients in the Portland metro area, so contact us for more information on our services or to set up a consultation today.