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Build-Outs & Bump-Outs

New Home Additions

Are you interested in adding an extra bedroom or bathroom to your home? Have you been wanting to convert your garage into a living space? If so, Pro Fleet NW is here for you. We’re qualified home remodeling contractors in Portland who have years of experience in Portland home additions and ADUs (additional dwelling units or accessory dwelling units).

Whether you’re looking for a basic bump-out, a mudroom addition, a mother-in-law suite, a home office addition, a basement apartment renovation, or something else, we have the expertise and team needed to get the job done right the first time around. Tell us about your vision, and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

We offer first responders, seniors, and veterans discounts on all services.

Portland Mother in Law Suite ADU
Portland ADU Kitchen
Portland ADU Tiny Home

High-Quality Materials, Fantastic Results

Trusted Home Addition & ADU Services

As your construction partner, we provide turnkey services for homes, taking care of home additions and ADUs from start to finish. We offer a talented in-house architect, facilitate permits, and provide comps on a project’s potential return on investment.

ADUs are different from county to county. In Multnomah County, you can do up to 800 square feet (essentially a whole contained apartment). You can turn an outbuilding, basement, or shop into an ADU. We can also do whole build-outs, design, and permits. We can take care of it all.

One thing that’s unique about Pro Fleet NW is that we’re also plumbers and excavators, so we can do a lot in-house. We have years of experience and are a turnkey contractor you can count on for Portland home additions and ADUs.

Portland Tiny Home ADU
Portland ADU Living Room
Portland ADU Tiny House

Why Get a New Addition for Your Home?

The benefits of new home additions are endless. Not only can it give you more room in your home by building up or out, but it can also help you save precious dollars that you might have to spend moving into another place simply to get the space you need.
One of the top benefits of getting an addition for your home is the increase in home value. With additional rooms or space, your home will be worth more money if you ever decide to sell it.

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Pro Fleet NW is experienced, friendly, and easy to work with, making us an all-around great contractor for Portland home additions, ADUs, and other turnkey services. We do what we say we’re going to do, and we stand behind our work.

If you’re ready to expand on your home to help increase your property value or simply give your family more space, we’re here to lend a hand. We are proud to provide fast installations, top-notch materials, and free estimates to help give you the best experience possible with your home renovations.

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