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It’s time to upgrade your bathroom. Whether you are looking to install a new shower or want to renovate your entire bathroom, we are up for the task. Pro Fleet NW is the Portland bathroom remodeling company that homeowners rely on for exceptional bathroom remodels and upgrades.

Our team of tile setters, plumbers, carpenters, and expert contractors take your bathroom remodel or renovation from vision to fruition. Let us know about your plans by getting in touch today!

We offer first responders, seniors, and veterans discounts on all services.


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Perfecting your remodel is easy for our team. We have all of the design-minded experts you need for your remodel in one place. Pro Fleet NW is made up of plumbers, carpenters, and general contractors that come together to bring your vision to life.

Our professional contractors perform all bathroom remodels and renovations according to industry standards. We pay attention to every detail. By the time your remodel is complete, your new bathroom is beautiful and ready to use.

Our team at Pro Fleet NW offers free estimates on all bathroom remodeling and renovation services. Seniors, veterans, and first responders can also expect a discount on our services at any time. With our superior customer service, commitment to sticking to your budget, and all-inclusive services, you can trust Pro Fleet NW to make your bathroom remodel as smooth and seamless as possible.



Most homeowners eventually upgrade their bathrooms with a renovation of some kind. Renovating is a great way to ensure your bathroom is updated and in working condition. A renovation differs from a remodel in a couple of different ways.

With a remodel, you may swap your bathtub from one side of the bathroom to the other, move the toilet elsewhere, or add a double sink, for example. Remodeling focuses on changing the structure, functionality, or floorplan of your bathroom.

A renovation, on the other hand, is about upgrading bathroom features. If you have an outdated bathroom with peeling wallpaper, a broken toilet, or other problems related to age, a renovation aims to fix and repair these problems.

Choosing Pro Fleet NW for your bathroom renovation means you will have access to a team of professional plumbers, carpenters, and contractors with decades of experience in their industry. We pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive construction service and make it easy to get the help you need all from one professional company.


Going all-in on a bathroom remodel means changing the layout of your bathroom or making additions that change the structure of your original bathroom in some way. Bathroom remodels are typically more involved and extensive processes compared to renovations.

Some of the most popular bathroom remodels we perform include adding heated flooring, installing jacuzzi tubs, adding additional showerheads, turning vanities into double sinks, and much more. We take care of everything from start to finish, including demolition, plumbing hook-up, carpentry work, and the final touches that make your bathroom remodel complete.

While undergoing a bathroom remodel, we recommend that our clients choose new installations that are considered ‘low-flow,’ including showerheads, faucets, and toilets. Low-flow means that these installations conserve water during everyday activities such as handwashing, showering, or flushing your toilet.

If you have been considering a bathroom remodel in Portland, Pro Fleet NW is your go-to contractor. With our ability to perform all the services you need in-house, you can focus on the outcome of your new bathroom and leave the hard work to us.

Why Should I Remodel?

A bathroom remodel is a great way to take your existing bathroom and upgrade it for the modern world. You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so why not make it a place you enjoy? Double sinks, new tubs, or upgraded showers are all wise investments.

We find that homeowners are thrilled with our bathroom remodels. Portland residents often request our services to expand their preexisting bathrooms or add features that weren’t included in the original bathroom. We look forward to helping homeowners enhance and transform their bathrooms.

Portland bathroom renvations

Invest & Increase ROI

Investing in a bathroom remodel with Pro Fleet NW means an increase in your home’s return on investment. ROI is a big deal for homeowners. We often find that this is one of the top reasons that homeowners choose to remodel. We can help you choose the right upgrades, products, and materials that will make for the greatest ROI.

If you plan on selling your home soon or you simply want to keep it up-to-date for the coming decade, we can help. Once your bathroom remodel is complete, you are sure to enjoy a beautiful space that will serve your family well for years to come.

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Pro Fleet NW is the Portland bathroom remodeling contractor you need. We are locally-owned and operated. We offer turnkey services related to all aspects of home remodeling and renovation. No matter what kind of bathroom remodel or renovation you have in mind, we will bring your vision to life. We aim to exceed client expectations at every turn.

If you live just outside the Portland metro area and are interested in a bathroom remodel, give us a call. We serve clients in Beaverton, Vancouver, Wilsonville, Gresham, Tualatin, Sherwood, and elsewhere near Portland. Contact us now to schedule the bathroom remodel or renovation you have been dreaming about for years.

A new bathroom will transform your home. You owe it to yourself to have a bathroom that is upgraded, up-to-date, and beautifully designed. Our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors in Portland are prepared to tackle any remodel or renovation. Let us know what plans you have for your bathroom and we will make them a reality.

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