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Are you tired of staring at your boring backyard? Do you wish you had a beautiful outdoor space to use for entertaining, cooking, or simply enjoying the Portland weather? Pro Fleet NW has the professional contractors, tools, and expertise to bring your dream backyard to life.

Whether you want a covered patio, expansive new deck, functional outdoor kitchen, or hardscaping to enhance your yard as a whole, we take care of it all. Let us know what plans you have considered for your backyard. We’ll take your ideas, find the right materials that match your budget, and bring your vision to life.

We offer first responders, seniors, and veterans discounts on all services.

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Your backyard is one of the best gathering spots in your home. Having a beautiful and enjoyable outdoor living space is on the minds of many homeowners. Portland homeowners can enjoy the outdoors year-round with the right accommodations. We’re here to help your family enjoy the great outdoors at any time.

Our professional backyard renovation contractors are up-to-date on the latest trends and standards related to outdoor spaces and construction. We have a team made up of carpenters, plumbers, and expert contractors. Our team has everything you need to transform your backyard from lame to lavish.

When you choose Pro Fleet NW as your preferred backyard renovation contractor, we work closely with you to stay within their budget. With free estimates, professional recommendations on quality materials, and expert advice on the best renovations, you simply can’t go wrong when you choose Pro Fleet NW.


Patio & Deck

An inviting patio or deck area is the easiest way to spruce up any outdoor living space. Constructing new patios and decks are some of the most common requests we receive for backyard renovations in Portland. We love to take bland patio spaces and transform them. Adding a deck that is perfect for entertaining and dining is another endeavor we happily undertake.

When you work with Pro Fleet NW on the backyard renovation of your dreams, it is likely your plans include a deck or patio space of some sort. Our experts help you choose the right materials and products that meet your budget and needs.

Below are just some examples of our most popular patio options:

Trex Deck

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Trex decking is arguably one of the most popular decking types available on the market today. Trex is a favorite for homeowners and contractors alike because it is a beautiful, high-performing decking that is made from composite materials.

You can count on Trex decking to stand up against rot, splintering, and warping. These decks are also fade and stain-resistant and don’t require seasonal painting or sealing. With how durable and easy to maintain Trex decking is, it is clear why homeowners in Portland and elsewhere in the PNW are especially keen on this type of decking.

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Concrete Patios

Concrete patios are versatile, durable, and very easy to maintain. A lot of homeowners are trading their traditional wooden decking for concrete. Concrete doesn’t warp, rot, or sustain the same kind of wear and tear wood does.

With all the benefits homeowners can gain by switching to or installing concrete decking, it is no wonder we have seen plenty of homeowners in the area make the switch. With how humid it is in Portland, concrete is a great alternative to wood if you want to avoid water or humidity damage.

Paver Patios

Paver patios are a great option for homeowners. The term ‘paver’ refers to stones made from concrete, clay brick, or natural stone. They are decorative, add lots of curb appeal, and are long-lasting. Paver patios are also resilient against seasonal changes and inclement weather.


Cedar Deck

Cedar decks look beautiful and complement any outdoor space. They are rot-resistant and easy to maintain. Cedar decks last around 15 to 20 years, depending on weather conditions and maintenance. This type of decking is a popular option because it is cost-effective and requires minimal upkeep.

Outdoor Kitchens

Kitchen remodeling is one of our specialties at Pro Fleet NW. In addition to kitchens inside your home, we also construct outdoor kitchens that are fully functional, modern, and built to last. Are you ready to take your backyard renovation to the next level with a gorgeous outdoor kitchen you will love? Give us a call to get started!

To learn more about our kitchen renovation and remodeling services, visit our Kitchen Remodeling page.

Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit to an outdoor space is a popular option for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. They have numerous advantages that are sure to enhance your home life and “wow” your guests at social gatherings. With a fire pit installation, you can count on instant warmth being added to your outdoor living space — both literally and figuratively! Fire pits add an ambiance and coziness to your yard that is sure to lift your spirits on even the darkest nights.

Hardscaping services in Portland, Oregon


Hardscaping is another popular service we offer at Pro Fleet NW. Hardscaping includes adding man-made architecture like rock features, fountains, pathways, and retaining walls. When our clients are undergoing any sort of backyard renovation, we always recommend the ideas and installations that increase your curb appeal, stay within your budget, and match your preferences.

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Pro Fleet NW works with homeowners year-round to create beautiful outdoor spaces. With a brand new deck, outdoor kitchen, or other exterior space, you can truly enjoy living in the Pacific Northwest. Entertain your friends and family, soak up the summer sun, or enjoy a rainy afternoon under a covered patio. Whatever you have in mind for your backyard renovation, we have the team you need to get the job done.

Homeowners in Portland have relied on our expertise for decades. In addition to providing exceptional backyard renovations in Portland, we also work in Wilsonville, Gresham, Vancouver, Beaverton, and everywhere in between. No matter where you reside, we can have our team on-site to provide the professional services you and your family deserve.

Working with Pro Fleet NW gives you access to turnkey services all in-house, including plumbing and carpentry work. Choosing us as your preferred contractor simplifies the renovation process. We take care of everything from start to finish. If you are ready to start building the backyard of your dreams, contact our trusted team in Portland today.