Whether you’re looking to paint a room for a new baby, redo the color in a home you just purchased, or give your existing coat of paint a touch-up, painting your house is one of the most important tasks you’ll encounter in home upkeep. Many people try to paint their home solo, but that can be a time-consuming and messy task where an error can undo hours of hard work. That’s why many homeowners in the Portland metro area are turning to a qualified and experienced Portland interior painting company to transform their home.

The best Portland interior painting companies are general contractors who understand how to paint a house while maintaining and protecting the structure of the home. We’re ProFleet General Contractor, an experienced all-purpose home repair and painting company taking on new clients who want to give their home a makeover. Read on to discover the five questions you should always ask a Portland home painter before hiring them.

5 Questions You Should Always Ask about Portland Interior Painting Before Hiring Them

How Long Have You Been in Business?

You want a painting company that has a long history of satisfied customers, and many contractors with only a short business history are fly-by-night operations prone to shoddy or unfinished work. Ideally, you want a company in business for at least five years, with positive reviews on Yelp and Google reviews during that time. However, many companies with shorter business history have developed a positive reputation in that time and building a strong market presence in a shorter time speaks to consistency and a good work ethic.

How Are You and Your Workers Insured?

Before hiring an interior painter, make sure the contractor carries general liability insurance of at least one million in coverage, to protect you in case of accidents in the painting process. Even the most careful paint job carries some risk of falling equipment or spills and covering yourself for all necessary repairs is necessary. Also make sure that any individual contractors working under the painter are covered by their own insurance, as general liability insurance doesn’t cover them.

What Paint Do You Use?

Most painting companies have contracts with major paint brands and can use the matte, eggshell, or satin finish of your choice. An informed paint company should have the specifications for major brands on hand so you can make an educated choice. Also make sure you know the lifespan of the paint you’re choosing, as you want a realistic expectation of how often you should expect re-painting to be needed.

How Long Will the Job Take?

Contractor schedules vary by the extent of the job, the contractor’s schedule, and the hours you’re paying for. No estimate will be a hundred percent accurate, but coming up with an agreement before the job begins reduces the risk of conflicts mid-painting. A client who doesn’t want to be at home while the painting is ongoing will be better able to make plans with a firm schedule.

What Needs to Be Done Before Painting?

Once a schedule and cost estimate are finalized, the next step is to prepare the house for painting. Ask your painter what should be removed from the rooms, what needs to be covered with a tarp, and what other precautions need to be taken. This will protect your prized belongings and make sure that the only things that get painted are the walls.

ProFleet General Contractor – Transforming Your Home

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