Do you want a clean house, but aren’t sure where to start? Many homeowners find the job of keeping the house clean to be overwhelming, which leads to being unmotivated and letting problems grow. When giving your house a thorough spring cleaning, the best place to start is the exterior—and the best thing you can do for the front of your house is to give it the best pressure washing Portland Oregon offers.

Many people buy a pressure washer from a major retailer like Home Depot and try to wash their home themselves, but do-it-yourself pressure washing has risks. The power of pressurized water can cause damages to the home and even injuries if aimed in the wrong place, and the average homeowner won’t know how to use a pressure washer for maximum effectiveness. If you want the best pressure washing Portland Oregon offers, calling a professional is your best move.

Pressure Washing takes more than spraying water, and an experienced home contractor can make sure your home looks better than new. ProFleet General Contractor is the Portland area’s all-purpose home repair and cleaning service, and we’re taking on new clients for pressure washing now. Read on to discover the undeniable proof that your home needs pressure washing.

Undeniable Proof You Need Pressure Washing Portland Oregon-Style

Keep Your Home Looking New

Even a well-maintained home will take on unattractive signs of aging and dirt without regular cleaning. Your siding, decks, sidewalks, and roof will pick up mold, pollution, mildew, and blown dirt to create a green film over the surface. A pressure washing can dislodge even the most firmly attached grime and create a cleaner and brighter surface.

Increased Property Values

The appearances of all homes in a neighborhood impact the property values, so even one home in disrepair hurts all surrounding homes. A clear surface can make a big difference in how retailers and passers-by view a neighborhood. This is especially key if you’re planning to sell your home since the exterior of your house is the first thing real estate agents see.

Increased Stability

Especially if you have an older house, regular maintenance is key to keeping the structure strong. The build-up of mold can cause the walls of your house to decay, and most of the damage is invisible until it causes major damage. A good pressure washing can knock hidden mold and mildew out of your walls before it has the chance to give you major construction bills.

Warranty Maintenance

Most houses in suburbia have exterior siding, and those come with warranties from the siding company. Check your warranty for regulations about regular maintenance, because many mandate a regular power washing to keep the siding eligible for replacement and repair in case of damage.

Keep Pests Out of Your Walls

Ants, spiders, and termites like to make their homes inside the walls of wooden houses. Birds who build nests in the eaves can cause a buildup of droppings that stain the walls. Power washing not only cleans out debris and dirt, but it can also scare off any unwanted wildlife lowering your property values.

A Better Paint Job

Repainting your home is a regular part of home maintenance, but before you hire a painter, it’s important to make sure the wood is clean. Getting rid of chips, peeling paint, and dirt makes it easier for the painter to do a clean, long-lasting job.

Avoid HOA Fines

Depending on your neighborhood, you may have a homeowner’s association that regulates home appearances. They have the power to levy fines, and a regular power-washing is a cheap and easy way to keep them out of your pocket.

Get Your Home Power-Washed Today

The best way to keep your home’s exterior clean and attractive is with a professional power-washing. Contact ProFleet General Contractor to set up a consultation today.