A fence can designate the border of a property and create an ideal living space in which you feel shaded and protected. For years, a house with a “white picket fence” has been referenced as an ideal component of the ideal American life. A good fence can solve a lot of issues and even improve property value. However, before you start installing Fences in Portland, it’s important to go over a few critical fencing mistakes to avoid.

Fences in Portland

The first step in planning to add a fence to your property is to check your neighborhood zoning fence regulations. Both local government and neighborhood associations can often have requirements for any fence construction. You need to be aware of local regulations so that you don’t waste time and money constructing a fence that will have to be torn down.

Other Fencing Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re building Fences in Portland or anywhere in the world, there are a few general concepts you must take into consideration in order to assure you have a successful and stress free project. Safety is always a concern both in the planning stages and after the fence has been completed. It’s also important to build your fence so that it is durable and will provide you with the greatest possible duration of use.

Although a fence might seem like a relatively simple construction project, it is important to keep in mind that you are building an exterior structure that will be at the mercy of wind, rain and temperature fluctuations. If your fence is not structurally sound, you could find yourself liable for damages caused by collapsing segments, or sections blown away by wind. If you approach your fencing job with the same diligence as any other construction project, you reduce your chances of incurring avoidable costs. Some common fencing mistakes are:

  • Using the wrong fencing
  • Failing to identify the property line
  • Failing to identify underground utilities

The Wrong Fencing

Wooden fences look fantastic, but aluminum or plastic fence material is sometimes available that can do the same job at a much more affordable price. Consider the area you are fencing in and whether your goal is to contain livestock, or simply to enclose a property. Other considerations include whether you have small children who might find a way to get tangled up in the fence material. It’s worth taking the time to plan out your fencing objectives and then discuss materials with your local supplier.


The Property Line

It is very important to construct your fence within your own property line and it’s worth the expense to hire a surveyor to double check your line for you. If you make a mistake and construct your fence on your neighbor’s property, you will either have to remove the fence, or compensate your neighbor financially for your encroachment onto his or her property. The minimal expense of a surveyor is far less than the potential cost of a property line error.

The Dig

Before you start digging up your property, make sure to call and have all the utility lines marked with flags. This is generally a free local service that is offered to promote your safety and avert the expense of accidental damage to anything buried beneath the surface. Never begin digging into your property until you have the zone safely marked.

Enjoy Your Safe and Durable Fence!

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