The before-and-after pictures of a home that undergoes pressure washing are among the most impressive sights in home maintenance. A home that’s covered in dirt, mold, graffiti, or bird droppings can look good as new or better after a pressure washing session. If you’re looking to give your home a pressure washing, in Portland, Oregon, ProFleet General has top contractors specializing in this treatment, or you can do it yourself with an at-home pressure washer.

Busy homeowners know that it’s easy to let exterior flaws like mold or dirt buildup slip under the radar until they become a big problem. Maybe the buildup is undermining the structure of your home, or maybe the homeowner’s association is calling with a warning about your home’s appearance. What was a small problem has now become a big problem that could have been avoided with regular pressure washing.

The best pressure washing Portland Oregon offers comes through trained contractors who can get at even the hardest-to-reach areas. ProFleet General Contractor is a Portland-area maintenance expert taking on new clients and specializing in home beautification. Read on to discover everything you need to know about pressure washing in the Portland area.

The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washing Portland Oregon-Style

What to Do Before You Begin

If you’re using a home pressure washer available from major retailers like Home Depot or Lowes, the first thing to know is that you’re working with a high-powered stream of water that can cause damage or injuries. Safety is the most important part of preparing your home for power washing.

Before turning on your power washer, turn off all outdoor electrical equipment and cover any high voltage spots like air conditioners. Wear waterproof clothes, gloves, and goggles; and give the place a thorough look-over to identify the areas you’re targeting before spraying. Any brick surfaces should be cleaned with a sponge before soaking to prepare the brick for cleaning.

Windows should be covered before pressure-washing to prevent broken glass. Avoid spraying plants or any people in the area because the power of the spray nozzle can cause serious damage. If you’re adding cleaning solution to your water, buy one designed for power washing rather than a standard washing machine detergent.

The Difference Between Brick and Siding

These are the two most common surfaces that pick up dirt, mold, and bird droppings. They can both be cleaned effectively with power washing, but they require different techniques. Brick is hardy and can be cleaned easily with a brief rinsing before power-washing to prime the brick for cleaning.

Vinyl siding is the most common surface for new homes because it’s a low-maintenance, low-cost material. The smoother surface is easy to clean, but it accumulates mold and dirt more quickly than brick. It’s also breakable, so it should be treated more gently than brick.

For pressure-washing vinyl siding, you want a washer with at least 3,000 PSI to reach hard-to-access spots. Pick a persistent stain near the ground to test the washer, and calibrate accordingly. Once you’ve found the right intensity for effective cleaning, use left-to-right overlapping strokes.

Both brick and vinyl should be cleaned with a specialized pressure-washing detergent to remove bacteria and keep it from growing back. After you’re finished washing the surface, give the surface a final rinse with clean water.

Pressure Washing – Your Ticket to a Cleaner House

With these simple tips, you’ll be greeted by a house that looks as clean as when you bought it or better. Pressure-washing can be done with a store-bought, but a professional contractor can take all the prep work and safety concerns off your hands. Contact ProFleet General Contractor to set up a consultation today.