Changing the paint in your room is one of the most effective and affordable ways to revitalize your home. Simply by coating the walls with a vibrant, rich, new color can inject an amazing amount of new life into a space. Keep reading this ultimate guide on interior painting in Portland to learn more.

Interior Painting in Portland: What You Need to Know

Many people find interior painting to be a fun, rewarding DIY weekend activity. Materials are affordable and the entire process is fairly simple. However, painting is fairly time-consuming and can easily throw a wrench in your normal routine. If you lack the time or inclination to re-paint your room yourself, you can hire a professional contractor for your interior paint job. Interior painting involves the four following steps:

  • Preparation
  • Prime
  • Paint
  • Clean-up



Before you paint, remove any furniture away from the walls or out of the room entirely. When you paint, it is common for spills or spatter from brushes to happen. If you choose, or are unable, to remove any furniture, cover it with a drop cloth. Also use a drop cloth to cover the floor.

Once everything is cleared off the walls and your furniture is protected, identify all blemishes, cracks and holes in your walls. Holes should be filled with spackling paste. This takes a couple hours to dry. While you are waiting, apply painter’s tape to your windows, door frames, and anywhere else that is not protected by a drop cloth.


An initial coat of primer is crucial for hiding blemishes and preparing your wall for the last coat of paint to adhere to. This becomes even more important if your room is currently dark but you want it to be light. Either an edging tool or a brush can be used to apply primer at the ceiling and floor and around the windows. This can be done either before or after you apply the primer to the walls. Once you have applied the primer, inspect the wall for any blemishes and remove them with a fine grit sandpaper.


The same steps you used when you applied your primer are used to apply your new, vibrant coat of paint. The first coat of paint will use a vast majority of your paint. Each subsequent coat will require substantially less paint. Wait a few hours between applying each coat to allow the paint to dry. Then, see if you are satisfied with the hue or you need to add another coat. It will probably be a slightly different shade once it has dried.

If you buy very high-quality paint, you may only need one coat of paint. This is also often the case if your new color is not too different from your old color. Cheaper paints tend to require two or three coats of paint to provide adequate coverage.


Before removing the drop cloths, make sure all paint and equipment are removed from the room. If you plan on painting another room, you can wash your brushes, rollers and trays and save them for later. Otherwise, you can throw them away. Take extreme care when you finally remove the painter’s tape. Sometimes, paint dries over the tape and gets pulled away from the wall. To ensure this does not happen, gently run a sharp razor blade along the tape when you remove it.

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