For a professional-looking paint job, it is crucial to paint like the professionals do. But how exactly do they paint? Below, you will find professional tips and tricks for Portland house painting so your home or room looks like a professional came in and did the work.

Portland House Painting Like a Professional

Wait for Dry Weather

It may be difficult to find a dry day in Portland. But it is still important to wait for one when painting your house like a professional. This is because high levels of humidity causes drips and slow drying. If you can’t wait for a sunny day, take your time. Turn slow-drying paint into an opportunity to correct any errors you make before you move on to the next coat. Keep in mind, however, that if you overwork, it will show in the final results. Don’t overdo it.

Do a Thorough Inspection and Prep

Inspect each wall you will paint for any cracked, flaking or peeling areas that you need to lightly sand or scrape. Then, you need to thoroughly rinse the wall before you apply any primer or paint. Otherwise, the weight of the new coats will just pull the old paint loose. If you skip this step, you will only end up wasting time and money.

If there are any greasy spots, wash with a little soap and rinse with clean water. Otherwise, you can just wipe down the walls quickly with a damp cloth so the paint can stick to a clean, dust-free surface.

Buy High-Quality Brushes, Roller Covers and Painter’s Tape

Just because you splurge on premium-quality paint does not mean you can pinch pennies regarding the application. A painter is only as good as his brushes. With a high-quality brush and roller, you get excellent coverage. This means, you will not waste time and paint on re-application. Even better, investing in high-end painter’s tape means drips and blurs will be sealed out completely and when you remove the tape, it will not take fresh paint off the walls with it.

Understand Your Nap

The more textured your walls are, the thicker the nap on your roller cover must be. A thick enough nap ensures that the roller cover can reach into crevices and provide your walls with complete coverage. On the other side of the coin, the nap cannot be too thick. Otherwise, you may create texture where you do not want it. When you go to a home improvement store to pick out your roller, bring pictures of the space you want to paint so you can be guided to the right roller.

Other Considerations

Painting your own room can be a rewarding experience. But it is best to hire a professional. A professional painting contractor will save you time and money. A professional with years of experience knows how much primer and paint to bring for a job of a particular size, so there will be no extra trips to the home improvement store. He knows how long it will take to prep for the job and can factor in time for touch-ups and repairs. Moreover, if you are not painting yourself, you can go to work or take your kids to the park. Wouldn’t you rather be doing that?

A professional saves you money because do-it-yourself projects always go over-budget. There are tons of unanticipated expenses, like underestimating the amount of paint you need or the cost of clean-up. If a professional comes out, inspects the property and gives you a quote, you protect yourself from unexpected strain on your wallet.

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Portland house painting can be a rewarding DIY project. However, it takes years of experience to accumulate the knowledge of the experts and get professional-looking results. If you do not have time to paint your own home or room, call us or drop us a line today.