Good fences make good neighbors. They can provide many other benefits for your home. A fence can make your home’s exterior more attractive, protect your yard from neighborhood animals, and give your family some extra security and peace of mind. A good fence should last years, and the surest way to get the best fences Portland offers is with a home contractor with years of experience.

When designing your perfect fence, it helps to have someone on your side to guide you every step of the way. ProFleet General Contractor has been one of Portland’s top home contractors for years and is ready to take your call. If you’re looking to add a fence to your home, why not have one of the best fences Portland offers?

Here at ProFleet General Contractor, we’ve put together this list of everything you need to know before building a fence in Portland. Read on, and follow this site for all your home contracting needs.

6 Must-Knows About Building Fences in Portland

1. Know Your Fence Goals

What is your reason for wanting a fence? There are many different fences, and each serves a different purpose. A basic chain-link fence is ideal for keeping dogs in or out, while a tall wood fence is better if you want privacy and to make your home exterior more attractive.

If you have multiple goals, your contractor will work with you to find the perfect design. A fence can serve many purposes, and being involved in the design process from the start is the best way to create your ideal fence.

2. Know Your Local Laws

When designing fences, Portland has many regulations you and your contractor should know. This includes getting your building permit if you’re designing a fence higher than seven feet. Smaller fences may still require a zoning permit depending on your local regulations.

Once you’ve applied for your building or zoning permits and the district approves them, prepare for inspections during the design process. Your contractor is experienced in the local laws and should be your first stop to ensure your new fence is compliant.

3. Pick Your Fence Material

The most common type of fence is the white picket fence, but a wood fence isn’t the best fit for every house. They require more maintenance than other options. Low-maintenance and durable fence options include vinyl that resembles wood, and metals like aluminum, steel, and wrought iron.

You can also divide your home between different materials, like pairing a wood or vinyl fence with a wrought-iron gate. An eco-friendly option is to use thick living hedges as your fence, but this requires regular maintenance.

4. Pick Your Contractor

There are many guides to do-it-yourself fencing on the internet, but if you’re looking for a long-lasting and effective fence, you’ll want to hire a contractor. This is the most important part of planning, so do your research and find a local contractor with years of experience and good reviews. If you have several candidates, meet with them and ask to see examples of fences they’ve completed.

5. Meet the Neighbors

Good fences make good neighbors, but only if your neighbors know your plans. Before beginning construction, meet with your neighbors and discuss your plans. This may make it easier to pick a material if they have similar plans, and a cooperative effort can make managing shared spaces easier.

6. The Fun Part

Once your fence’s main construction is complete, you can work on customizing and beautifying it. If you have a wood or vinyl fence, this can involve painting it or adding decals. For a metal fence, it can be woven with flowers or other decorations.

We Can Help

Your fence should reflect your personality and your house. When you partner with ProFleet General Contractor, you have a collaborator to ensure your vision becomes a reality. If you’re ready to add one of the best fences Portland offers to your home, contact us for more information or to set up a meeting today.